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SharePoint 2013 with Office Web Apps–New feature

If you have SharePoint 2013 setup and Office Web Apps installed and configured to run with SP 2013, then you have very nice features available on Documents on SP 2013…

Here is a screenshot of the new feature with Office Web Apps:

SharePoint 2013 Office Web Apps

SharePoint 2013 Office Web Apps documents

This is all Out of the box – yes, all out of box… You do not need to do any configuration on SharePoint 2013, just Office Web Apps to work with SharePoint 2013… And all the office documents when clicking “…” give you this pop-up and inside this you can navigate the slides and see if this is the document you are looking for! It works with all the office documents, if it is a Word Document it will show you all the pages and you can navigate through them…

Here is a screenshot when you search for a term and if it brings some documents in search results:


So it works with search as well, its quite a cool feature in search as with just the title and little description one cannot figure if this is exactly the document they are looking for, they can just hover the document and see the contents inside the document, as I said if its Power point slide you can navigate the slides, if it’s a word document you can view all the pages of the document etc.

Will cover more new features in SP 2013 in next posts!